Our Vision





This is a place full of rich learning experiences, where all learners are encouraged to be active learners, vibrant, happy, motivated and excited by learning. Where learners are empowered to take responsibility for their learning, developing those skills to help them achieve success, realise potential and become people that they would be proud to know, now and in the future, which we know is always uncertain.

This is a place where teachers ,parents and children continue to grow, learn and develop together and be partners together. That we all continue to develop our thinking and learning and continue to achieve success and fulfil potential as we progress through our lives- at whatever stage.




This is a place where we come to each day to live and learn. Where those children and adults who come here every day, parents , teachers, Governors and partners have a shared sense of pride and come to know this place as one we love to come to every day. A rich, attractive working environment, a place of peace, laughter and love, underpinned by Christian values.

This is a place where nurturing and mutually respectful relationships exist, which in turn fosters a culture of learning and success.

This is a place, highly regarded, as a centrepoint or hub of the local community. A place that people look to for learning, growth, peace, love and serenity, a place to bring the community together in harmony- healing hurts.




This is a place of high standards of education, where rich experiences , high quality teaching and development mean that everyone is an outstanding learner, developing those qualities we associate with outstanding learning. A place where teachers are effective, resilient, resourceful, reciprocal and responsible. In turn, they then use these skills to encourage and nurture these young people in our care to be the same, so that their individual needs are met and they realise their full potential. The end result is that they are successful in their lives, whatever they choose to do and they have high expectations of themselves and what they can achieve.

This is a place where teachers are leaders, learners, creative, enthusiastic and empowered to take responsibility and accept accountability. But above all, they are passionate and compassionate- determined to strive to ensure our children achieve success and they wish it for the children of this school, as if they were their own.

This is a place where parents and carers, supported by school, see the value of the work that we do, they become learners together with us, helping themselves and their children to achieve and experience success.