Year 2 eTwinning Project

Year 2 have been part of an eTwinning project called Writing a Story: Travelling in Europe. Lots of countries have taken part and we have all written a chapter of the story. The children really enjoyed seeing the work and pictures from other countries.​

Marc and Sophie in Birmingham

Marc and Sophie arrived at Birmingham Airport on a big plane. At the airport they saw planes and lots of people. Some people were playing games on their phones while they waited to get on planes to the North Pole.


Marc and Sophie were very hungry and their tummies were rumbling. They looked around and saw a café.

“Let's get something to eat because I am starving” said Sophie.

“OK” answered Marc.

Sophie had some sweet pancakes with jam on them and Marc had some delicious porridge.


When they finished, Marc said “let's go and look for the feather”.

“OK, but where would the feather be?” asked Sophie.

“Let's look at Cadbury World where they make all of the yummy chocolate” said Marc.

So they went on a bus to Cadbury World. They saw the big library, the BT Tower and the amazing Bullring shopping centre.


When they got to Cadbury World they looked for the feather. They looked in the big bowls of chocolate and they looked in the park.


They saw lots of people and the people were very friendly but they could not find the feather anywhere. They ate some scrumptious chocolate and then decided to go and look at Jervoise School for the feather.

They walked to Weoley Castle and they went past some shops, a library and a police station. It took them 30 minutes and when they got there they were tired and hungry.

Sophie said, “shall we get some yummy chips from the chip shop?”

“Yes” replied Marc.


They checked in all of the classrooms but the beautiful feather was nowhere to be seen.

“We have been everywhere. We will never find the feather!” said Sophie.

“Let's look in Year 2 because it’s the best class in the world!” said Marc.

So they went into the Year 2 class. They found the feather on the bench and the children in Year 2 said “hello!”


“Yippee!” shouted Marc.

It had taken them a long time to find the feather and they were tired.

“Now we can go back to France!” said Sophie. They went back to the airport and went back home. They were very happy.


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