May 2019 - Parents Forum

Thank you to the parents that attended the Parents forum on Wednesday 1st May.

We discussed the following points!



We are in the process of changing the school website as it has grown over the years with different statuary documents having to be uploaded to it year on year. This has made the current website difficult to navigate through and therefore becomes less useful for parents and children. We are hoping to launch the new website next half term and will send out a link to parents. We will then hold another parent’s forum to get parents views on it so we can make any changes. We will want to know what you think works well, what doesn’t, what is annoying to use and anything you think is missing.

Website Video

We also felt that the current website looks dated and so Hilary Wheeldon (Executive Head), Julie Murray (School Business Manager) and Carl Jenner (ICT Operations Manager) researched different website design's to find out how best to promote the vision, aims and essence that is Beechwood C of E School.

After looking at a range of websites we commissioned a video to be made that plays on the front page of our website. We have put it at the start of our current website so feel free to take a look!

We are very pleased with the outcome and the parents who attended the parent’s forum said they were really impressed with the quality.


In the last meeting parents discussed the illegal and dangerous parking of cars at the start and end of the day. Mrs Blick spoke to our new PCSO, Luke Wilkes, who will patrol more regularly around these times of the day. PCSO’s have been given more training and power with regards to illegal parking and are now able to issue parking fines. As you can imagine, many schools in our area will be requesting this service so Luke will be very popular indeed, but we will continue to ask him to patrol more regularly.

Homework learning sheet

Last term we introduced the new homework learning sheets. These consisted of different learning activities children could do at home to help them gain a deeper understanding of their topic work. Some parents commented at the last forum that the due dates for the half termly homework was not consistent across the school and this caused some confusion. Since then all year groups have decided on the same deadline for projects.


We shared the template of the usual Beechwood reports and explain that the report at the end of the day would be a record of achievement for children. There would not be anything in the reports that would shock parents as this should be a document that celebrates what your child has done. The reports are all thoroughly checked by Mrs Blick, Mrs Williams or Mrs Wheeldon to ensure that the reports reflect all children’s achievement. If you would like to discuss your child’s report with your child’s class teacher, please make an appointment with them once the reports have been distributed.

Parents views

What do you think about the provision of educational visits and visitors that come to school?

We wanted to get parents views about educational visits and visitors as this term we will be planning and preparing for the next academic year. All the parents that attended the forum said they were happy with the current educational visits and visitors and were happy for the provision to continue.

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